Our technical department is appointed with specialized UPS engineers with long experience, who undertake the maintenance, the repairs and the Battery replacement works of a variety of branded UPSs.

The maintenance and repair works are performed either in our premises or at the place of installation of the UPSs depending on their size and weight.

ALFACOM warehouse and workshop is situated in a separate ground floor space (outside Athens traffic ring) in order to accommodate UPSs receipt and delivery.


ALFACOM sales department well equipped with experienced sales engineers, studies the Customer’s actual needs and offers the best technical-financial solutions.

The study of the Customer need could concern the design of an integrated installation of a Computer Room (UPS, air-conditioning, power and data cables etc) or in the installation of a single UPS.


Having fully perceived the Customer needs, ALFACOM, does not only provide the support and advice before the sale, but extends its activities and after that, remaining close to the Customer, providing him continuously with support for the unhindered operation of his back-up systems.

Before and after the completion of each installation, ALFACOM engineers are always ready to intervene in order to help the Customer with whatever problem might arise during the UPS system operation.

After the expiration of the warranty period, different yearly packages of technical support, that cover every Customer needs and demands, are provided.

Consequence, Support and After Sales Services are ALFACOM’s greatest advantages.