ALFACOM is a highly specialized Greek company in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). It exclusively deals with the design, supply, installation and technical support of UPS’s.
The activities started in 1989 with the distribution of American Power Conversion (APC) UPS in Greece and since then, it has made a name synonymous to technical know how, consequence and the constant quest for knowledge on evolutionary new technologies

Year 1990 to 2000. The company was the exclusive distributor and service representative of Gamatronic.

Year 1993. It resumed collaboration with Exide Electronics, renamed to Eaton – Powerware and today belonging to Eaton Group of Companies.

Year 1999. APC, recognizing the experience and the consequence of ALFACOM, granted the distribution of the latest three phase models, APC-Silcon in Greece and Cyprus.

Year 2000. The company started providing its customers with integrated solutions, resuming the design, supply and installation of generating sets, structured cabling and traditional Computer Rooms and Data Center.

Year 2002. ALFACOM has the potential to study, design and supply the pioneering APC InfraStruxure system that forms a modern new architecture in design and construction of a Computer Room.

Year 2003 to year 2007 distributed the UPS systems of InfoRise.

In 2007 APC merged with MGE UPS Systems and became member of Schneider Electric Group of Companies. Following that change ALFACOM became a distributor of the MGE products, that continue to be produced after the merge with APC.

Since year 2010 the MGE single phase UPS systems are produced and distributed by and under the name of EATON.
Year 2015. ALFACOM started distributing the UPS products of LEVER Italy


ALFACOM studies, designs, offers and installs integrated protection solutions for the Customer’s computers and equipment, from whatever irregularity of the commercial power supply (power failures, overvoltage, voltage drops, lightning, noise etc), in relation with the best possible pricing.

The wide variety of UPS models which are provided, range from 150W to 4,3MW. It includes models of Stand-by, Line Interactive and On-Line Double Conversion architecture.

ALFACOM undertakes the design and the installation of a “typical” Computer Room or it provides new technological solutions by means of the design and supply of the APC InfraStruxure system, which allows, on the same day, the integration of fundamentals for a complete Computer Room (containing Racks, UPS, Distribution Panel, Cables, Air Distribution Units and Cooling Systems). If ever needed, the complete system could be disassembled and re-installed elsewhere easily, quickly and economically!

The company also undertakes the study, supply and installation of an appropriate generating set, which will provide the Customer’s equipment with unlimited power autonomy in the event of long duration power failures.

The company’s experienced personnel maintains and repairs almost every UPS either in the Company’s Service Facilities or at the operation place of the UPS depending on the size of them.