Alpha Bank

The servers and communication equipment of the Bank’s 450 branches are supported by 1 KVA UPS units.

Alumil S.A.

The Factory’s Computer Room in Kilkis is supported by an APC Symmetra PX 50KVA expandable to 80KVA system, with N+1 redundancy.

Astra Zeneca S.A.

Two UPS, 30KVA each, have been installed in the company’s head office The Company’s Computer Room is supported by a pair of 20KVA units in parallel, N+1 Redundancy. The Warehouse is supported by a pair of 20KVA UPS units operating in parallel with N+1 redundancy..

Athens Euroclinic

The Clinic’s computer room is supported by a 16KVA modular UPS unit. An In-Row APC Cooling System is also installed.

Athens International Airport 'E. Venizelos'

The Airport Tower equipment is supported by two (2) 160KVA redundant UPS units, in parallel operation. Three (3) 60KVA UPS and eight (8) 40KVA UPS units are supporting other departments of the Airport. Twenty (20) APC Racks and the corresponding Rack Accessories have been installed in the Computer Room of the Telecommunications Centre of the Airport.

Chipita S.A.

The Company’s critical loads are supported by four three-phase UPS units with 10KVA output power each and two 40KVA units.

Det Norske Veritas S.A.

The company’s Computer Room is cooled by a system of two In-Row, Direct Expansion, Cooling Units, of 10KW capacity each., Ν+1 redundancy.

Eurobank Securities S.A.

A redundant (N+1) system of three (3) 20KVA units, in parallel operation, has been installed in the company’s Computer Room. A second redundant (N+1) system of three (3) 80KVA UPS units, in parallel operation, supports all the critical equipment in the Head Office of the company as well as the Computer Room as a second power reserve

F & K Lemonis S.A.

The Computer Room of the company, on-line with the retail shops in Greece and abroad, is supported by an InfraStruxure system with a 40KVA scalable UPS unit, with N+1 redundancy and a stand-by generator. The back-up time of the UPS is 30 minutes. All computer room equipment have been installed in 10 APC Racks. Two In-Row Cooling Systems are installed in the Computer Room. APC Racks are installed in the retail shops and the rack equipment are supported by Rack Mounted UPS units with an output power of 3-6KVA. Another Symmetra PX 80KVA scalable UPS unit, with N+1 Redundancy, installed in 2009, is supporting critical loads. A second InfraStruxure system, with 64KW UPS unit expandable up to 160KW and N+1 redundancy, has been installed in the New Computer Room of the Company, together with six APC racks and an APC In-Row Cooling System.

Foodlink S.A.

A Symmetra PX 20KVA modular UPS, expandable to 40KVA, with N+1 redundancy supports the Company’s computer room and one 80KVA UPS supports building loads.

Forthnet S.A.

The company’s Data Center, in Agios Stephanos, is supported by two (2) 240KVA redundant UPS units.

Hellenic Radio & Television (ERT)

The Computer Room in Head Office and Studios are supported by an InfraStruxure system with a 40KVA scalable UPS unit, with N+1 redundancy. Other departments are supported by three phase 20KVA and 60KVA UPS units and a number of single phase small capacity UPS models.

Hellenic Parliament Building

The equipment of the Parliament TV Channel and many other critical loads of several departments are supported by 5 UPS of 20 and 30KVA power outputs.

Lidl Hellas

In the Company’s Head Office building a 60KVA UPS is installed. The Supermarket shops are supported by single phase 5-10KVA units.

'STAR' – 'Extra 3' TV Channels

The re-transmission equipment (receiver, emitter, antenna etc) of the Channels, on top of Ymittos and Parnitha mountains, are supported by 40KVA UPS unit, from any disturbance coming from the commercial power net or the stand-by generator and the electromagnetic phenomena, very common and severe in that specific areas.

Stroumsas S.A.

The Company’s computer room in Thessaloniki is supported by a UPS Symmetra PX 60KVA, modular expandable to 80KVA and N+1 redundancy.

Super Market Chalkiadaki (Heraklion, Crete Island)

In the new very modern Company’s installations (Head Office, Main Warehouse) a 30KVA UPS unit, that supports the computer room, has been installed, while another 80KVA UPS unit supports the building loads.